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EO Learning Day - Execution

5/24/23, 2:00 PM





Hilton Garden Inn Oconomowoc, Pabst Farms Circle, Oconomowoc, WI, USA

About the Course

Have you thought about your Execution lately?

Come ready to explore the answers to these questions and how you can make changes in your business now!

  • Is your business running well, whether you are at work or not? Are you hating most of your goals and priorities?

  • Have you identified the core process that make your business thrive? Do you have a process to refine and improve your processes?

  • Have you created a sales playbook and is it working to help your sales people consistently hit their targets?

  • Is your own life working or are you chasing daylight every day and missing out on time for family, fitness and fun?

Where does your time go? Make some notes about how you really spend your time?


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